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Microsoft Excel 2010 Test

Question: If you want to create a citation and fill in the source information later, you should:
a. insert a caption.
b. add a placeholder.
c. add a new source.
d. insert a cross-reference.
Ans: a

Question: To select vertical blocks of text, you would hold down which key while dragging the mouse?
a. Alt
b. Ctrl
c. Shift
Ans: b

Question: If I do not want the contents of one of my fields to automatically update, I would have to do which of the following?
a. Lock the field.
b. Protect the field.
c. Make the field hidden.
d. Turn field shading off.
 Ans: c

Question: Sarah receives a company turnover summary in the form of an embedded Excel chart (as shown in the above image) in a Microsoft Word 2010 document from her boss. Her boss wants the chart to be sent over to the Public Relations department with a line in the chart showing the variations in the company's turnover, as well as a prediction for the next 2 years. The turnover values for each year also need to be sent separately in an Excel file. What should Linda do to achieve this in the shortest possible time?

a. Take a screenshot of the chart and ask a designer to draw a line showing the trends. She can then type the data manually into an excel sheet.
b. Import the chart into an Excel sheet and change the formatting of the chart to a line chart. She can then copy the corresponding fields into a separate Excel file and send it over.
c. Change chart type to a line chart and type all the values into an Excel file.
d. Use the Trendline feature to create a line showing the trends and copy the data from the Excel sheet field which opens up on clicking Edit Data.
Ans: c

Question: You want to add an image as the first character in your paragraph. Which type of text wrapping treats your graphic as if it were a character?

a. Through
b. Square
c. In Font of Text
d. In Line with Text
 Ans: b

Question: Roger was editing a Word document, when his mobile phone rang. By mistake, some button got clicked on the Word 2010 Ribbon area, so that the document's appearance changed from Image A to Image B. Which of the following options could be the cause?

a. Margins were activated on the document.
b. Tables with maximum number of rows and columns was added to the document.
c. Gridlines were enabled from the Page Layout Tab.
d. A preset Watermark was inserted.
 Ans: b

Question: A particular chart layout can be applied to a chart only if:
a. it has been saved as a template in the Charts Template folder.
b. it has been set as the default chart.
c. it is a 2D chart.
d. it is a 3D chart.
 Ans: c

Question: Choose the INCORRECT statement:
a. Only high-risk documents from an uncertain location are opened in Read-Only view.
b. All documents that contain macros open in Read-Only view.
 Ans: a

Question: Microsoft Word 2010 has enabled ligatures for which of the following fonts?
a. Open Type fonts
b. True Type fonts
 Ans: a

Question: With which chart type(s) is the "Depth Gridlines" option available?
a. Bubble chart
b. Line chart
c. True 3D chart
d. All of the above
Ans: b

Question: Which of the following is NOT an option under File > Print > Microsoft Document Image Writer?
a. PDF
c. MDI
Ans: c

Question: I want to use the AutoCaption feature for several elements in my document. What type of file format is NOT available in the AutoCaption dialog box?
a. BMP
b. PDF
c. XLS
d. JPG
 Ans: c

Question: What view must be used when inserting a subdocument?
a. Print Layout
b. Web Layout
c. Outline
d. Full Screen Reading
Ans: b

Question: Josh is creating a collage for his college project. He has an image - Image A - which he wants to show in different color themes so as to represent different moods in the collage (Images B, C and D). How can Josh achieve this in Microsoft Word 2010?

a. By using Format Painter.
b. By altering the Line Color.
c. By using the Recolor option under Format Picture.
d. This can't be achieved in Microsoft Word 2010.
Ans: c

Question: Which of the following in NOT a type of Section Break?
a. Next Page
b. Linked
c. EvenPage
d. Continuous
Ans: d

 Question: Samantha is given an article to proofread. The article runs into hundreds of pages. She is asked to use hyphens to allow words in the article to break between two lines. There is an option in Microsoft Word 2010 which can be used to achieve this result with a single click. Please identify it.

a. Breaks
b. Indentation
c. Orientation
d. Hyphenation
Ans: c

Question: Which of the following options allows you to arrange drawings in your document so they may be moved, kept together, aligned, or formatted more easily?

a. Insert Clip Art
b. Insert Flowchart
c. Insert SmartArt
d. Insert Quick Parts
e. Insert Drawing Canvas
Ans: b

Question:When you apply a theme to a Microsoft Word 2010 document, all the tables, charts, SmartArt graphics, shapes, and other objects are updated to complement one another.

a. True
b. False
Ans: b

 Question: My table heading row is not repeating on subsequent pages though I have properly set the header row to repeat. What is one problem that might be causing this behavior?
a. "Allow row to break across pages" is unchecked.
b. My top and bottom margins are too small.
c. There are hard page breaks in my table
Ans: a