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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Local SEO Optimization Penalty Business

  • Head of Spam Cop Matt Cutts of Google has announced the upcoming launch of a new optimization is worth more "level playing field." The revelation came earlier this month at South By Southwest (SXSW), held in Austin, Texas, during an open panel - titled "Dear Google, Yahoo! Search: Support for a better place!" - Google and Bing representatives and webmasters for internet spam. Google wants the death penalty are the websites that offer quality content and a better ability to classify organic search traffic and conversions to go to be generated.
  • Virtually all website owners can display search results of your loved ones and show at least one trophy phrase that your site should not be allowed to attend. Irish Party competitive, sometimes sites have poor content, but it's hard to concentrate more on search engine optimization efforts. These pages are easy to spot. They usually have a mastery of the word, a lot of keyword rich internal variable degree of binding, and highly optimized and content of the body. The link will be greatly optimized their portfolios as well. However, its content is low, is its low value proposition, of course - the human observer, but because of their ranking SEO. Next optimization penalty theoretically could change the game plan for websites with good content and the highest ranking above sites with SEO too.

  • What qualifies as an optimization over?
  • No one knows than Google, what exactly is "over-optimization". However, said Cutts that Google is trying to sites that "people the assault that if you spend many words on the page, or link exchanges as well, or do something at the end is what the average person expect in a given area." It is generally accepted that the keyword stuffing and link exchange are already signs of spam in the algorithm of Google, so Google will increase the amount of such penalty or convicted absorption signals from spam and have earned the signals by means of optimized algorithms other eye.
  • 5 characters that can be described as an optimization
  • I can not believe Cutts reference bit is all that is over-update optimization algorithm, which was what they fantasize about being classified as over-optimization. Remember, I have no inside knowledge about the need to plan what they are. In other words, do not go out and change all these things just because you read this article. But this tactic is on my list because they leave a bad taste in his mouth when he caught them, and I really hope you are on the list of Cutts as well.
  • To the left on one side of this page with anchor text better. If the page www.jillsfakesite.com / flannel shirt and body of the page to link to the "fabric", words, words on the page, ie www.jillsfakesite.com / sleeve flannel, should be counted as excessive optimization.
  • Always close to the body of a handful of key locations with optimized anchor text. About 33 of 100 Link to my www.jillsfakesite.com main text with the text link "a fake Jill," should be counted as an optimization.
  • Change the text valuable "Home" anchor for the keyword. Normally, the link home to enter the site. But in cases where the home link text based and has more lush with the keyword, which should be counted as an optimization has been optimized.
  • Anchor text coherent and highly optimized reverse. About 10 out of 100 links to a page with the same highly optimized anchor text, as a "false Jill Fakest website flannel shirts for sale on the web", which should be counted as an optimization.
  • Generic domain name keywords. Classification of impact on the sense and should be downgraded in importance. Now I am sure that it is difficult to determine what words are and who their generic brands. However, Google seems to break the nut, at least partially with the results for stickers. Sure, people in the area, the difference between unbranded littleblackdress.com whitehouseblackmarket.com domain and brand.

  • There you have it, is my favorite at least five of the optimization tactics, all that hope, algorithmic signs of spam. Comments transcripts Cutts' on capital is lower, but well worth it, to "Dear Google and Bing help rank better" side of the recording session for all to hear tidbits 16:09 transcribed audio clip of one hour may be looking for ..
  • According to Matt Cutts: "Normally we do not notice the changes, but is something we have worked in recent months, and hopefully in the next month or so, you know, in the coming weeks we hope to release it. And the idea is basically trying to balance the playing field a bit. So all the people who have made way in the absence of a better word, over-optimization or to its position, compared with those who are making a good content and try to make a fantastic place, we want to kind of make the field more intense. and then there are things I try the website are the Googlebot to make smarter, we'll try to make our importance customizable so that if the people do not do SEO, we understand these things, then we will also start people, this type of abuse if they throw too many keywords on the page, or if they change too many links, or what they do to the most beyond what a normal person is expected to order in a given area. and is something we can continue to pay attention, and we'll keep working on it and is an active area where we have some engineers in my team who is working on right now. "

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