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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Effective SEO Marketing Tips

Like any good writer, SEO expert, I started this blog with a little "old" keyword research. (Yes, I'm on the side spoilers phrases relating to interfere with the color, creative writing.) However, for sites that want the best search engine optimization, keyword research is a good habit.
These SEO tips are not intended for you to distinguish between fantasy when it comes to the content of this page. (Not to sound like a robot, right?) My goal is to give SEO tips to attract public attention on the Internet and search engines. Together, get web traffic and buyers the most impact for your business.

Keyword Research

Make sure your site for the use of keywords, which is optimized for your business. Any sentence that has entered into a search engine is included in the price and keyword research tools (eg Google AdWords) allow us to share information about potential customers and markets to explore. The keyword research to a vocabulary of the entire content of your site that contain these words. For example, if your company is the hotel on the beach in Del Mar, California, addressed to "hotel on the beach in San Diego", "San Diego hotels on the coast", "Del Mar" and "Del Mar Beach," the "all content on your website. Not to mention the optimization of the "behind the scenes" SEO your website. Use keywords in a relevant image tags, meta descriptions and page titles that will make a difference.

Keyword Competition:

No keywords always go with the highest search volume. In general, the higher the search volume, competition. Try keywords in the center - with volumes of research that are not too high nor too low. For example, at the Hotel On the Beach in Del Mar, I did not know who the keyword "San Diego" to go, since it has 550 000 searches per month! The competition is high, so I focused on more specific terms, which are very important for my business.

H1 & H2 Headings:

Integrate important keywords in your h1 h2 titles (title of your website). In terms of search engine rankings, H1 and H2 tags are most valuable for SEO. Note that it is important that header tags are grammatically correct and useful to viewers. Stuffing keywords with H1 and H2 is ugly and can be penalized by Google. Be creative with these titles: the attention of the audience, but also includes keyword search.

Write Engaging Content for People:

Your e-trading website Tuesday, the basic content for the success of your website. Whether you ensure that all relevant text on Web pages Mar, and words to include in the natural way. Be personal, attractive, not only to the Baltic to write SEO ranking.

Insert Internal Links Throughout Your Website:

Linking to ensure your Web site for meetings and they are connected properly. This is the way to go, people to other pages on your web site to promote. For example, my # 9-pin (change algorithm), I linked this blog from Shane similar theme. "Pay attention to the recent changes to the algorithm, such as Google here." There is also an easy way to increase the strength of your website for search engines.

Create SEO-Friendly URLs:

URLs that are specifically related to the domain name rank higher in search engines. For example, if your business is a hotel, try to position your hotel (City), and incorporate the word "hotel" in the domain name. So if people want a hotel in place, occupied by the search engines. Get strategic with your URL.

Keep Website Content Up-To-Date:

No one likes stale content on a website. Search engines evaluate websites that are constantly updated with information and viewers to do so. Be consistent with your updates to your website. (PS blogs are great for this!)

SEO Tips Use your Facebook page:

SEO is relevant to the company Facebook page. Incorporate keywords for the "About", "Description of the company," and section "Description." Also make sure that your website and all other social media channels (like Twitter, YouTube, etc.) in the "Site" are listed. This is an easy way to promote your online presence and refers more traffic to your website.

Finally, pay attention to recent changes in the algorithm. Google wants to here. There are always new ideas that come into play for the search engines. Last year, called Google Panda, partly for the elimination of "thin content", which focuses on the overall credibility of a website to life. "Google suggests that site owners have put themselves in the role of users and demand:" I trust this site with a health problem or my credit card? "(See Matt's article for details.) He also announced recently showed new plan to use Google for SEO spam-related sites, the only effective SEO punished. It seems that the target candidates to Google sites have a larger chance of interesting content for organic search traffic and conversions. for sites with static content, attractive, which is promising.

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