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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

oDesk Readiness Test Answers Letest(New)

Question:   Which of the following is TRUE about fixed-price contracts?
    a.     Employer billed automatically each week          
    b.     How much to pay and when to pay is at the employer's discretion
    c.     Hours worked will show on your profile
    d.     Time-tracking required
    e.     Qualify for the oDesk payment guarantee
     Ans: b

    Question:  Which of the following statements about oDesk fees is FALSE?
    a.     The oDesk fee is 10% of the employer's payment to oDesk      
    b.     oDesk is free to join
    c.     oDesk is free for contractors to apply and work on jobs
    d.     The oDesk fee is $2/hour for hourly contracts  
    e.     All of the above
     Ans: d

   Question:   The oDesk Team application Time Tracker records which of the following
    a.     Screenshot of the active screen once per billing segment
    b.     Number of keystrokes
    c.     Number of mouse clicks
    d.     Memo entered by the contractor
    e.     All of the above    
     Ans: e  

    Question:  Which of the following is FALSE about weekly limits on hourly contracts?
    a.     Hours in excess of the weekly limit will not be billed to the employer  
    b.     You should discuss any need to work beyond your limit with your employer
    c.     The weekly limit can be changed by the contractor
    d.     The weekly limit can be changed by the employer
    e.     Hours in excess of the weekly limit are not guaranteed payment
     Ans: c

    Question:  Which of the following are TRUE about the oDesk dispute process?
    a.     The dispute process only applies to Hourly contracts    
    b.     If you fail to respond, oDesk will refund the employer and suspend your account
    c.     If you reject the dispute, oDesk specialists will review your Work Diary and
                         evaluate it against the criteria of the payment guarantee
    d.     Disputed hours ruled in the employers favor are refunded
    e.     All of the above
     Ans: e

    Question:   Which of the following are TRUE about your oDesk Work Diary?
    a.     Allows employers to see when and what their contractors are working on
    b.     Enables automatic billing for hourly contracts
    c.     The oDesk Team application auto-tracks time which can be reviewed in the Work Diary
    d.     Manual time can be added, but isn't guaranteed payment
    e.   All of the above
     Ans: e
   Question:   What happens when a contract ends?
    a.     You lose access to the Work Diary        
    b.     Both users can leave feedback
    c.     The feedback system is double blind, so your employer cannot see the feedback you
                 left them until after they have left feedback for you
    d.     Hours will be billed (and disputes may be filed) according to the usual weekly payment schedule
    e.      All of the above
     Ans: e
   Question:  Can I start my own agency on oDesk?
    a.     Yes! You can create an agency and earn money by selling the services
                            of your agency contractors.
    b.     No, oDesk is for independent contractors only
    Ans: a

   Question:   Which of the following are required to qualify for guaranteed payment?
    a.     An hourly contract                        
    b.     Tracking your time with the oDesk Team application
    c.     Entering relevant memos
    d.     An employer with a verified payment method      
    e.     All of the above
     Ans: e  
   Question:   Which of the following actions are NOT allowed when applying to job postings?  
    a.     Misrepresenting your skills, experiences, portfolio, etc.
    b.     Submitting boilerplate, placeholder or generic bids or other spam
    c.     Disclosing direct contact information  
    d.     Applying when you are not truly qualified
    e.     All of the above
     Ans: e
    Question:   Which of the following are NOT permitted on oDesk?
    a.     Sharing a single account between multiple people
    b.     Opening more than one account on oDesk
    c.     Using a logo or clip art as your profile portrait
    d.     Using a fake name
    e.     All of the above
   Ans: e    

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Local SEO Optimization Penalty Business

  • Head of Spam Cop Matt Cutts of Google has announced the upcoming launch of a new optimization is worth more "level playing field." The revelation came earlier this month at South By Southwest (SXSW), held in Austin, Texas, during an open panel - titled "Dear Google, Yahoo! Search: Support for a better place!" - Google and Bing representatives and webmasters for internet spam. Google wants the death penalty are the websites that offer quality content and a better ability to classify organic search traffic and conversions to go to be generated.
  • Virtually all website owners can display search results of your loved ones and show at least one trophy phrase that your site should not be allowed to attend. Irish Party competitive, sometimes sites have poor content, but it's hard to concentrate more on search engine optimization efforts. These pages are easy to spot. They usually have a mastery of the word, a lot of keyword rich internal variable degree of binding, and highly optimized and content of the body. The link will be greatly optimized their portfolios as well. However, its content is low, is its low value proposition, of course - the human observer, but because of their ranking SEO. Next optimization penalty theoretically could change the game plan for websites with good content and the highest ranking above sites with SEO too.

  • What qualifies as an optimization over?
  • No one knows than Google, what exactly is "over-optimization". However, said Cutts that Google is trying to sites that "people the assault that if you spend many words on the page, or link exchanges as well, or do something at the end is what the average person expect in a given area." It is generally accepted that the keyword stuffing and link exchange are already signs of spam in the algorithm of Google, so Google will increase the amount of such penalty or convicted absorption signals from spam and have earned the signals by means of optimized algorithms other eye.
  • 5 characters that can be described as an optimization
  • I can not believe Cutts reference bit is all that is over-update optimization algorithm, which was what they fantasize about being classified as over-optimization. Remember, I have no inside knowledge about the need to plan what they are. In other words, do not go out and change all these things just because you read this article. But this tactic is on my list because they leave a bad taste in his mouth when he caught them, and I really hope you are on the list of Cutts as well.
  • To the left on one side of this page with anchor text better. If the page www.jillsfakesite.com / flannel shirt and body of the page to link to the "fabric", words, words on the page, ie www.jillsfakesite.com / sleeve flannel, should be counted as excessive optimization.
  • Always close to the body of a handful of key locations with optimized anchor text. About 33 of 100 Link to my www.jillsfakesite.com main text with the text link "a fake Jill," should be counted as an optimization.
  • Change the text valuable "Home" anchor for the keyword. Normally, the link home to enter the site. But in cases where the home link text based and has more lush with the keyword, which should be counted as an optimization has been optimized.
  • Anchor text coherent and highly optimized reverse. About 10 out of 100 links to a page with the same highly optimized anchor text, as a "false Jill Fakest website flannel shirts for sale on the web", which should be counted as an optimization.
  • Generic domain name keywords. Classification of impact on the sense and should be downgraded in importance. Now I am sure that it is difficult to determine what words are and who their generic brands. However, Google seems to break the nut, at least partially with the results for stickers. Sure, people in the area, the difference between unbranded littleblackdress.com whitehouseblackmarket.com domain and brand.

  • There you have it, is my favorite at least five of the optimization tactics, all that hope, algorithmic signs of spam. Comments transcripts Cutts' on capital is lower, but well worth it, to "Dear Google and Bing help rank better" side of the recording session for all to hear tidbits 16:09 transcribed audio clip of one hour may be looking for ..
  • According to Matt Cutts: "Normally we do not notice the changes, but is something we have worked in recent months, and hopefully in the next month or so, you know, in the coming weeks we hope to release it. And the idea is basically trying to balance the playing field a bit. So all the people who have made way in the absence of a better word, over-optimization or to its position, compared with those who are making a good content and try to make a fantastic place, we want to kind of make the field more intense. and then there are things I try the website are the Googlebot to make smarter, we'll try to make our importance customizable so that if the people do not do SEO, we understand these things, then we will also start people, this type of abuse if they throw too many keywords on the page, or if they change too many links, or what they do to the most beyond what a normal person is expected to order in a given area. and is something we can continue to pay attention, and we'll keep working on it and is an active area where we have some engineers in my team who is working on right now. "

It 's time to random Google

You can do a little dance "when you hear the news from Google about a change in its search algorithm, or may be left scratching their heads, what they do. Googler Matt Cutts and Amit Singhal, announced at the Google blog that be a change in search algorithms. This change is particularly low quality sites, the content of others and the value of the offer in general small version. Oddly enough, that's over 11% of all sites indexed by Google.

Everything Google does with its search algorithm is approximately:

"Give people the most important answers to your questions as quickly as possible"

This change has a plan and Chrome add-on, where people could not be related feature reappears in organic search results are not blocked. Although Google says it is not with this application to create your own algorithm. About 84% of the sites that have been affected by this change algorithm were on that list. Results that are targeted to the new algorithm changes.

What does this mean for your site?

Hopefully that means good things. This algorithm is the change underway in the U.S. and gradually went elsewhere. Since Google is actually the removal of companies and content sites created from scratch the content of other web sites is a good omen for a good site with original content that is relevant and reflective. Which brings us to another question. When was the last time I looked at the contents of your site?

Effective SEO Marketing Tips

Like any good writer, SEO expert, I started this blog with a little "old" keyword research. (Yes, I'm on the side spoilers phrases relating to interfere with the color, creative writing.) However, for sites that want the best search engine optimization, keyword research is a good habit.
These SEO tips are not intended for you to distinguish between fantasy when it comes to the content of this page. (Not to sound like a robot, right?) My goal is to give SEO tips to attract public attention on the Internet and search engines. Together, get web traffic and buyers the most impact for your business.

Keyword Research

Make sure your site for the use of keywords, which is optimized for your business. Any sentence that has entered into a search engine is included in the price and keyword research tools (eg Google AdWords) allow us to share information about potential customers and markets to explore. The keyword research to a vocabulary of the entire content of your site that contain these words. For example, if your company is the hotel on the beach in Del Mar, California, addressed to "hotel on the beach in San Diego", "San Diego hotels on the coast", "Del Mar" and "Del Mar Beach," the "all content on your website. Not to mention the optimization of the "behind the scenes" SEO your website. Use keywords in a relevant image tags, meta descriptions and page titles that will make a difference.

Keyword Competition:

No keywords always go with the highest search volume. In general, the higher the search volume, competition. Try keywords in the center - with volumes of research that are not too high nor too low. For example, at the Hotel On the Beach in Del Mar, I did not know who the keyword "San Diego" to go, since it has 550 000 searches per month! The competition is high, so I focused on more specific terms, which are very important for my business.

H1 & H2 Headings:

Integrate important keywords in your h1 h2 titles (title of your website). In terms of search engine rankings, H1 and H2 tags are most valuable for SEO. Note that it is important that header tags are grammatically correct and useful to viewers. Stuffing keywords with H1 and H2 is ugly and can be penalized by Google. Be creative with these titles: the attention of the audience, but also includes keyword search.

Write Engaging Content for People:

Your e-trading website Tuesday, the basic content for the success of your website. Whether you ensure that all relevant text on Web pages Mar, and words to include in the natural way. Be personal, attractive, not only to the Baltic to write SEO ranking.

Insert Internal Links Throughout Your Website:

Linking to ensure your Web site for meetings and they are connected properly. This is the way to go, people to other pages on your web site to promote. For example, my # 9-pin (change algorithm), I linked this blog from Shane similar theme. "Pay attention to the recent changes to the algorithm, such as Google here." There is also an easy way to increase the strength of your website for search engines.

Create SEO-Friendly URLs:

URLs that are specifically related to the domain name rank higher in search engines. For example, if your business is a hotel, try to position your hotel (City), and incorporate the word "hotel" in the domain name. So if people want a hotel in place, occupied by the search engines. Get strategic with your URL.

Keep Website Content Up-To-Date:

No one likes stale content on a website. Search engines evaluate websites that are constantly updated with information and viewers to do so. Be consistent with your updates to your website. (PS blogs are great for this!)

SEO Tips Use your Facebook page:

SEO is relevant to the company Facebook page. Incorporate keywords for the "About", "Description of the company," and section "Description." Also make sure that your website and all other social media channels (like Twitter, YouTube, etc.) in the "Site" are listed. This is an easy way to promote your online presence and refers more traffic to your website.

Finally, pay attention to recent changes in the algorithm. Google wants to here. There are always new ideas that come into play for the search engines. Last year, called Google Panda, partly for the elimination of "thin content", which focuses on the overall credibility of a website to life. "Google suggests that site owners have put themselves in the role of users and demand:" I trust this site with a health problem or my credit card? "(See Matt's article for details.) He also announced recently showed new plan to use Google for SEO spam-related sites, the only effective SEO punished. It seems that the target candidates to Google sites have a larger chance of interesting content for organic search traffic and conversions. for sites with static content, attractive, which is promising.

Website Optimization

Why SEO is Essential for Internet Marketing

With the incessant growth of the current Internet Marketing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is more important than ever for small businesses. These days, a well designed website is not enough to attract the attention of viewers deserve the internet. If your site is not "seen" by others, the traffic to your website and online presence is likely to suffer. Nobody really knows how many websites on the internet, but we know that Google has indexed more than a trillion unique URLs in 2008. (This was 4 years ago!)
The point is: the Internet is highly competitive and effortless SEO, Internet browsers have less chance to find your site.

Ways to make money online

The six-figure income: Starting a successful online business and grow without their daily work

  • Have you ever thought of working online to earn money but to give this idea for many reasons? Maybe you think, leave your current job in the risky world of the Internet to give, or you think you need large amounts of capital and long for his goal of making money online, or see in a noisy environment, and providing for profit, if the line here. As they grow a successful online business without having to start their work: If you have a desire to work on the Internet, these fears can be achieved through a book called The second source of income for the six figures.
  • This book provides methods to create an income stream online. It is not necessary for your current job or much money. With this book, you can create a successful online business. This is a book, how to start or grow a business, there are many obstacles that you think he explains. If you are interested in working on the Internet, you really need this guide will teach you to develop websites in a few minutes to stifle competition and make a damn fortune, no job, no money and no risk.
  • The authors of this book are David and Jonathan Rozek Lindahl, who were many tools and techniques to build a business of eight digits of the real estate marketing information are tested. This book is the collection, after all the evidence and the principles, the question remained in his experience, features used, and receiving money. This book is a good friend gives you some tips abundance. The authors tell the truth about what they do, they are all good, bad and certainly worth mentioning. They also recognize the importance of efforts to work, but meanwhile, here are some useful keyboard shortcuts to minimize work and effort in order and to maximize their income.
  • This book is actually the removal of barriers, the meeting, which you can make money online to avoid. Based on practical considerations, do not forget to take into account the barriers and understanding of how to avoid them. There is also a book about advertising tried and tested the use of tools and technologies for an online business while starting work one day. No gimmicks or false, misleading, so it can be found in the book, is entitled to talk about work. If this interesting book is really a good choice to read the book carefully and patiently.
  • This book is a clear understanding of the origin of the product step by step online business. The first part says that for the low cost and demand for the product line information about the background, the business model of the authors always ideal for most people. Then in the next section, the authors suggest ways to build a profitable product in a hurry. For example, the search for markets to sell products at a good thing, but if you can feel comfortable with these products. This is the most important decision to make, because the products are selling well, especially the money as you think. The book describes how to select different content formats that are produced, such as web traffic and in turn "interested buyers."
  • There are many other chapters of this book and worth the price. The authors say some important things to consider when you are ready for sale. As we can see some examples of sales letters and a simple model to improve this chapter are very few, especially for newcomers to online marketing information. If you are a beginner and have no idea about web design, you should try to address these proposals in order to achieve your goal. It focuses on the information, products, since this is the fastest way to market from the beginning and is one of the best guides for an independent business.
  • I would say this book does a great job of step by step in the process of creating an online business. The complete "simple and easy to understand and easy tips on how to start an online business continue at no cost and minimal effort. If you want your own internet business to build, without leaving their work, this book reads, causing a lot of inspiration.

The money in the markets that go nowhere

Little Book of markets side: How to make money in markets that have nowhere to go and do

  • As is known, begin to make more and more people are investing in the stock market to make money without working hard, or for retirement, savings and much more. But we must recognize that the stock market like a roller coaster ride for their historic lows and a stomach ache, "if you do not have enough energy to pay in this area, you will pay a heavy price. So, if you wish to enter the stock market or have in may have been this area and the need for leadership to create more wealth, I would have to present a book, little book of trading ranges: How to Make Money markets are not part of.
  • When working online from home or anywhere and want to get interested in the stock market, this book is a great help for you will be. In the little book of commercial areas of critical Katsenelson, author of the book, showing the ability to survive in the competitive securities market and leads to a large sum of money at home. makes it essential to his readers into the minds of investors, the value step by step, he describes his big-time gambling evening, then goes to the basic principles of the value of active investment style.
  • The introduction of crucial Katsenelson has been described as a "selector values ​​to the value of excellence." Life went on stage and said to himself as a "value investor who likes to communicate." Life has integrated a great job in teaching complex lessons with simple stories in the financial market to the value of the investment wisdom in these stories, the reader can apply what they receive from their words, the business line and its goals . reach
  • It tells the life story of Tevye and Golde a farmer named cow, according to this simple story, that everybody can understand, explain the concepts of value investing, the safety margin, and the dangers of speculation. At the end of the story is a profound concept, the more momentum for investment, as you probably account. What is more reminiscent of an experience he had in a casino. Many professional players of every lawyer to "more time to process, not the outcome." Dealers, and both players know when to go forward to the great commitment and keeps losses to a minimum. Collection of experiences is more important if you want to master the ability to do online business in the stock market.
  • As the stock market go down further and, vitally, that "the easiest way to combat the P / E is the erosion of increasing the safety margin for the stocks in your portfolio is required." If you want to do it, you have to buy a stock picker and analysis of each security in terms of quality, evaluation and growth as a basis for their choice. Only if you have a good understanding of the selection of the potential population that may make more money.
  • It is undisputed that there are many books about the value of the investment, but this book is because most of them. It differs from the description of the way the author uses case studies to demonstrate how easy it is to think of a value investor. It is very difficult to understand for people who want to express what the author. The author teaches readers to assess the facts and then make an informed decision. It really is the value of the investment alive. To assess his thesis lateral tip market to convince not only the length of the trains of the market, but also the reader that a market difficult to make money is. If you know how the money you invest to win easily.
  • In this book you are different ways to learn to invest, the proposals for avoiding that some common mistakes and then earn money everywhere, and why their investments are in the neutral and what to do, because they are a value investor, need to do to be born again, there must be a value investor, born again, as one might focus on the process to be tedious, leads to success and so on. All these ideas will help them to succeed, even if the market stagnates.
  • It is a valuable book for beginners and experienced investors to invest Katsenelson detailed look at life. If you intend to invest in markets long side, and us for a lifestyle that you can make money online all over the world, effortlessly, perhaps this book read to dream of prosperity and economic success. In fact, it is a pleasure to read and you can get enough help from this handy tool for Investment.

Make Money With Crafts and Handmade Products

How to make money with Etsy Make: A Guide to the online market for crafts and products

Have you ever thought, a fact that is growing in this world where almost everything is done by machine, the demand for crafts? It can certainly be an excellent opportunity for you to make money online if you know how to promote products. Etsy.com is a new tool for the trade of arts and crafts, helping them to achieve their goals has thousands of suppliers, if you have the intention of their crafts for sale on this site, called the book, How to make money the mark of Etsy:. A guide to the online market for crafts and handmade products offer great help to you. 
As we know, in recent years, artists and artisans will exhibit their products in the exhibition galleries and craft, even if these things are very popular in the local market, which is not the end of their work. But thanks to Etsy, people can market their products through the Internet to customers all over the world, is like a miracle site that combines the handmade products with buyers. 
To date, there have been over 400,000 service providers to make money on this site also has more than 30 million units were sold, generating more than $ 180.6 million in sales. As Etsy offers an online platform for product managers to market and sell their products to a wide network of buyers, unique products. Good source of this area, how to write the money to Tim Adam Etsy Making a valuable guide for artists and artisans. The book offers step by step method to buy online that help people make more money for the environment of competition. 
The author, Tim Adam was hit around the world sell their products through her Etsy shop since 2007. He is a self-taught artist in metal, which has a strong passion in working with metal and keeps the design and construction. Like everyone else, Tim has fought for four years to make a name in local galleries. Then a friend introduced him to Esty and changed his career, has begun to create a line of jewelry and not rejected. It has now become her full time job, and is known in his country with galleries, museums and exhibitions. Currently, he teaches others how to sell on the web site easily and quickly. 
Tim presents its approach to marketing products online, on the basis of their experience and how it is applied successfully to her Etsy shop. These new routes are beyond your imagination. This book shows ideas on how to spend a minimum of marketing your business, without a full time job. The book can be useful for newcomers to start a business without a hitch and the vendor's website to make more money. The author is in simple words, graphics and screen shots, so you know, every step of what Tim is talking about. 
Not a book to say to sell on Etsy, which is actually a large part of the book, but the advice in this book can be used to promote your business and earn more. Marketing your business can have a little 'work, but may be a better result, so it is more efficient in the long run. Tim shares his knowledge will be motivated and improve their online presence and sales. Information and communication style have made an authority of the artists and craftsmen. We follow a certain faith in their words and passages. 
This book helps you develop a successful brand on Etsy. It becomes quite understand how to properly configure and run Etsy stores, crafts, how to develop a good strategy and keyword search engine optimization, how to create blog content to the weight of direct traffic to your Etsy shop and how promote your brand to drive through Facebook and Twitter. These marketing techniques have proven to work. 
For this book gives you lots of ideas on various social sites to your Etsy shop to make your shop will be well known and help more buyers. What should be linked more clearly, there are a lot of mention of SEO, which means that the optimization of search engines, but it is too complicated to understand. The author gives good tips on creating a blog and this is really useful. With the realization of how to attract buyers, it is possible to achieve success online. 
"Tim has been in place at the right time and made every shot," as someone said, then we must rely on his book. Taking the help of methods of Tim, crafts and handmade products will be sold at Etsy.com and then make money online and build a great fortune.